Becoming a Coach is Easy

Anyone can be a Coach on Animatedbuzz. Once you set your account up, let your social media followers know about the Coaching opportunity you're offering on Animatedbuzz.
1. Signing Up

1. Sign up and make sure you select the "Coach" membership. 

3. Once you're done with the sign up process, you're ready to move onto configuring your Coaching account. 

2. If you are already an Animatedbuzz member and would like to become a coach, simply email to switch over to the Coach membership level.

SignUp from mario furmanczyk on Vimeo.

Paypal API

You'll need to get your Paypal API to activiate your payment gateway on Animatedbuzz.
You need to set up a Business account on Paypal to get the API. Check out this video on how to do that. There are many videos on youtube explaining how to get the API credentials. 

2. Payment Gateway

1. Go to the Payment Gateway to past your Paypal API in the fields provided.
2. Simply copy your Paypal API signature and paste it onto respective fields.
3. Save, and now you're ready to process transactions on Animatedbuzz. 

Payment Gateway for Animatedbuzz from mario furmanczyk on Vimeo.

3. Creating Services

1. You'll have to create the services you'd like to offer next.  Simply go to this link: Setting up Services

2. You can offer whatever service you'd like. Whether its a 3d animation review, portfolio review, or visual development critique.

3. Set the price and duration of reviews.  You can change these settings at any time.  

4. You might want to try a lower price at first to experiment with how much demand there is for your services.    

5. You can add as many services as you would like.

Setting up Services on Animatedbuzz Coaching from mario furmanczyk on Vimeo.

4. Setting up your Availability Calendar

1. Go to your Calendar Settings 
2. Configure your hours of availability for each day of the week.  
3. Create "off days" for the week
4. Set up Availability range which dictates how far in advance members will be able to schedule appointments. 
5. Save

5. Coach Profile Setup

1. Your Coach profile should now be listed on the "Browse Professionals" page. 
2. Your profile is active and ready to go with both calendar and info icons are "green". At this point, your calendar should be green. 
2. Now let's configure your Porfolio. Click the "info" icon which is located on your listing.  
3. A popup appears.  
4. Upload Portfolio pieces, demo reel, and fill out information fields which include social media links, etc on "info" tab to complete your coaching profile.  
5. Your coaching account on Animatedbuzz is complete!

7. Withdrawing Funds

1. Simply go to Withdrawal Request Page 
2. You will see your current Balance minus Administration fees (which are 10% of every appointment)
3. Click the button "Withdraw Money"
4. Enter in total amount of withdrawal request and message, if needed. 
5. Submit
6. Payment should process and be directly deposited into your Paypal account,.

8. Accepting Appointment Requests

1. When a member books one of your available time slots, you will be notified in two ways.  First, an email will be sent to you. Second, a notification will be sent within the site.  
2. Simply accept or decline the request. 
3. Once the appointment is accepted, the user will proceed to make the payment.  
4. Once the payment has been made for that time slot, the appointment is officially confirmed for that date and time. 

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